As employees of the LOTOS Group, seeking to achieve the overriding strategic goal of building shareholder value, we strive to combine economic efficiency with adherence to the rules of ethical conduct.

By virtue of a decision of the Grupa LOTOS Management Board, the Group-wide Code of Ethics was introduced with effect from January 1st 2013. It superseded the existing documents which had governed the conduct of the Group’s employees and managers from the middle of the past decade. Developed in the course of extensive public consultations in 2012, the new Code of Ethics represents the key element of a wider project, namely the comprehensive Ethical Conduct Programme. It is a code of standards and rules of desirable conduct, rooted in the organisation’s ethical values. The document is intended to govern behaviour within the organisation, as well as our relations with key stakeholder groups, including capital market participants, customers and trading partners, local communities and competitors. The adoption of the Code of Ethics is in line with the key objectives of the LOTOS Group Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2012-2015.

pdf Code of Ethics
pdf Etikos kodeksas

Any actual or suspected violations of the Code of Ethics can be reported by LOTOS Group stakeholders to persons responsible for preventing ethical misconduct. For this purpose, dedicated channels of communication with the LOTOS Group Ethics Officer have been established.

Thank you for your readiness to report a breach of the rules of conduct defined in the Code of Ethics of the LOTOS Group. By filling out this form, you will be able to report the breach in a manner which is safe and guarantees that the information is passed to authorised persons. We assure you that each report is important to us and will be thoroughly investigated, therefore we request you to provide very exhaustive and accurate information.

Please save the date and report ID number specified below, as these details should be provided if you wish to check the status of your report later on.

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1Grupa LOTOS S.A. reserves the right to contact the notifying person in order to verify the report and obtain additional information and, if it proves necessary to notify appropriate state agencies, in order to provide such agencies with the details of the notifying person.

The administrator of personal data collected on the LOTOS Group Code of Ethics breach notification form is Grupa LOTOS S.A., with its registered office at ul. Elbląska 135 in Gdańsk, Poland. The data will be processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29th 1997 (Dz. U. of 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended) solely for the purposes of investigation initiated upon this notification. Each person whose personal data is subject to processing may access and correct the data. Any personal data is provided on a voluntary basis.
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