As a modern and dynamically growing business, we take proper care to ensure continuous development of employees. Therefore, the LOTOS Academy – a training and development programme which aims to build a partnership-oriented corporate team – is subject to constant improvement. Its mission is to entrench a work culture and management philosophy built around a model employee who consciously participates in the process of creating added value for customers and shareholders.

When designing LOTOS Academy training programmes, we are guided by the principles of:

  • accessibility – training is meant to benefit all employee groups,
  • coherence – the training scheme must be consistent with the Company’s mission, strategy and long-term development plans, and aligned with other HR management areas,
  • accountability – all process participants are responsible for the effects of training and development,
  • continuity – professional development planning is a continuous process, aligned with the results of periodic performance evaluation, individual career paths, succession planning and development programmes designed for particular employee groups,
  • flexibility – training must be planned and implemented so as to take due account of the fast-changing external conditions and desirable changes in employee qualifications.

Moreover, our employees can choose from several dedicated programmes, which facilitate the development of skills applicable in diverse areas of the Company’s operations. We also operate a Periodic Employee Evaluation System, enabling us to review the skills and expertise of our staff on a regular basis, as well as a New Employee Induction Programme, which helps new employees familiarise themselves with the structure of the Company, its culture and desirable behaviour. The aim of this programme is to accelerate the process of adapting to the new workplace, while reducing the level of change-related stress.