Reporting violations


The LOTOS Group has a Code of Ethics in place, which defines the system of ethical values and standards of conduct LOTOS employees are expected to uphold in the workplace and in external interactions.


Stakeholders can report any actual or suspected violations of the Code of Ethics in accordance with the rules set out in the Code. 


Violation reports will be handled by the LOTOS Group Ethics Officer, provided they are not anonymous. Please note that if the individual reporting a breach so requests, their personal data will be kept confidential by the person handling the report. 




Phone: +48 58 308 80 70
Email: liniaetyki@grupalotos.pl

Reporting misconduct


The LOTOS Group has a Misconduct Prevention Policy in place. Misconduct is construed as an intentional act or omission which constitutes violation of the law or a breach of the LOTOS Group's internal regulations, committed to secure an unlawful gain or causing the Company to sustain an undue loss. All forms of bribery and corruption are deemed misconduct. 


We accept reports on any actual or suspected misconduct in accordance with the rules set out in the Misconduct Prevention Policy.


Reports, including anonymous ones, will be handled by the Head of the Internal Audit Office.



Phone: +48 58 308 87 87
Email: audyt@grupalotos.pl