Our rules

  • The LOTOS Foundation commits its funds across Poland, particularly in areas where companies of the LOTOS Group are headquartered or operate. It may also offer support outside of Poland.

  • All applications and requests for grants are carefully reviewed and examined to see if they strive to achieve any of the aims which the Foundation focuses on.

  • The first and necessary step to request a grant from the LOTOS Foundation is to fill in the application available from www.fundacjalotos.pl and send it to the Foundation’s address.

  • The LOTOS Foundation does not engage in projects associated with a different brand, political activity, discriminatory practices, initiatives breaching the law or the prevailing social norms, nor in any projects thematically related to alcohol, addictions or pathologies.

  • Decisions whether to grant support are taken within three months. The LOTOS Foundation reserves the right to contact only selected applicants.