Awards and distinctions awarded to the LOTOS Group companies in 2011:

  • Grupa LOTOS won the 1st place in the “Investor relations” category of the annual “Listed Company of the Year” ranking, and the 5th place in the “Listed Company of the Year” ranking prepared by the Pentor Institute for the Puls Biznesu weekly. The first place in the “Investor relations” category speaks of the highest quality of the information and market communication policies in place at Grupa LOTOS. In this category, the strongest focus was placed on how the Company engages in dialogue with individual and institutional investors, as well as how promptly it responds to investors’ inquiries. “Listed Company of the Year” is a ranking of the best companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange compiled according to the following criteria: competence of the management board, achievements in a given year, growth prospects, investor relations and quality of services and products. 
  • Grupa LOTOS received a distinction in the “Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility” category of the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland. The purpose of this prestigious award is to honour companies which are the driving force behind Poland’s economic growth, while contributing to its prestige and positive image abroad.
  • Grupa LOTOS was awarded the “Fair Play Company” certificate in a contest organised by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy. The “Fair Play Company” programme was established to promote reliable and ethical businesses operating in Poland, which uphold high moral values and fulfil their duties towards customers and suppliers in an exemplary manner. 
  • Our scholarship programme – “LOTOS Cup – In Search for the Champion’s Successors” – received an award in the “Corporate scholarship programme” category of a contest organised by the Good Network Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The prize was presented during the “Civic scholarship programmes” conference. The purpose of this award is to set high standards for scholarship programmes, so they would allow young people to successfully cultivate their talents and make choices in life based on their dreams and abilities. 
  • Grupa LOTOS is among the leaders of the BI-NGO 2010 Index. The index focuses on the quality of internet communications related to social commitment of the 500 largest Polish companies, as listed by the Rzeczpospolita daily. The Company received the maximum score in the ranking. The BI-NGO Index surveys the following main areas: a company’s policy and leadership, CSR strategy, relationship building, financial transparency, performance measurement and communication. 
  • Grupa LOTOS won the Human Resources Management Leader awards, receiving the Amber Statuette. We were awarded by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies for the fifth consecutive time – this time for human resources development under our internally developed programme named “The Master”. The contest is organised to promote knowledge and valuable practical experience in HR management, by singling out companies which are successful in this area of management.
  • Grupa LOTOS came second in the ranking of the best energy sector employers, prepared by Antal International. In 2011, the Company was named one of the most desirable employers by over 1,900 Polish experts and managers working in different fields. As the most sought-after characteristics of an employer they indicated its size and prestige, as well as management style and organisational culture. 
  • Grupa LOTOS ranked first in the nation-wide “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition, in the category of companies with headcounts of over 250. The award is granted by the Regional Award Committee of the State Labour Inspection Authority in Gdańsk. As the winner, Grupa LOTOS was entered on the Golden List of Employers, thus joining a group of employers widely recognised for their responsible approach to workplace safety and staff’s well-being. The State Labour Inspection Authority has stressed that work safety leaders, apart from implementing effective systemic solutions and supplementary measures, are also expected to put considerable effort into raising workplace safety awareness and adequately preparing staff for their duties. 
  • Grupa LOTOS ranked first in the “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition in the Province of Gdańsk. The award was granted in the large employers category. The aim of the award is to promote best practice in occupational safety and health, and to encourage employers to create safe and ergonomic workplaces.
  • LOTOS Parafiny won the first award in the “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition in the Province of Rzeszów, in the category of companies with headcounts of over 250. The competition was organised by the Regional Labour Inspector of Rzeszów.
  • LOTOS Jasło received the golden “2011 Patron of Culture” statuette from the Mayor of Jasło for supporting the town’s cultural events. The distinction is awarded to sponsors of cultural events.
  • LOTOS Czechowice received the Platinum Laurel of Skills and Competence “Socially Responsible Business”. The Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice awards Platinum Laurels to outstanding individuals, organisations and institutions that operate on national and international levels, engaging in work of universal value and exemplary character.
  • Grupa LOTOS was awarded the title of the “2010 Patron of Sports in the Province of Gdańsk”. The winner was chosen through a poll carried out by the Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto daily as part of the “2010 Sports Stars of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Agglomeration” competition.