The programme, implemented in cooperation with the Football Academy LG, is aimed to promote football among young people living in the pomeranian voivodeship.

The Football Future with LOTOS programme gives children an opportunity to improve their physical fitness and realise their sports passions, by playing football in the atmosphere of good sportsmanship. The key objective of the programme is to discover the best young talent who have abilities predisposing them to practise professional sports, while reaching a wider group of children and youth who are willing to play amateur football. The programme provides for the opening of new sports centres, operating as partner clubs, sponsored clubs or branches of the Football Academy LG or APLG Soccer Schools. Coaches working in clubs that have joined the programme gain access to professional coaching programmes, while the clubs receive sports equipment. Thanks to the programme, the largest football academy in the Province of Gdańsk is expanding its catchment area across the province and into neighbouring regions. The long-term programme of consistent training is covering more than 3,000 young footballers, with professional training in non-local settings provided to the approximately 400 most talented children.