The safety of employees and contractors working for the LOTOS Group is among our top priorities. We attach particular importance to maintaining high safety standards, minimising potential risks and promoting a safe working culture. This policy has helped Grupa LOTOS to earn the reputation of an employer offering a workplace that is safe, well-equipped and well-organised – not only because we meet all the mandatory legal requirements with respect to occupational safety and health, but also because we are involved in a number of initiatives focusing on the area.

Our responsibility towards employees is rooted in the conviction that people are the Group’s greatest asset. Our concern for professional advancement and improvement of employees’ skills and expertise goes hand in hand with our efforts to foster a good working atmosphere and friendly relations between colleagues. We value open communication, teamwork and partnership between the management and employees.

The key objective of our HR policy is to secure safe working conditions and a working environment conducive to personal development of staff. Employees are regarded as our main asset, which is why our practices in employment relations are geared towards developing their competences and creating conditions conducive to their increased identification with the fundamental values underlying the Group’s corporate culture.
Thanks to the high standards of work and safety, as well as attractive terms of employment, combined with multi-directional communication with both existing and retired employees, we enjoy the reputation of a reliable and appreciated employer.

Adequate attention is paid to eliminating threats to health and safety at work. We also acknowledge the importance of internal communications, as one of the key tools helping us achieve our objectives. This belief is reflected in the mechanisms designed to involve employees in the process of shaping best practice in many areas of our operations. We also seek to implement solutions to ensure that the adopted HR policy objectives are met at the Group-wide level.

Our strength lies in our employees – their skills, expertise and motivation – which is why investing in their development, is a key priority of the Company’s HR policy. The objective of our long-term HR policy is to attract and retain the most valuable talent, and to advance and improve their skills. To meet this goal, best practices are applied in several areas, including responsible recruitment, professional skills improvement, periodic employee evaluation, ethical conduct programme and projects aimed to improve work safety.