We carry out recruitment based on clearly defined procedures and objective criteria. Because we value the qualifications and skills of the LOTOS Group’s employees, their applications for job openings are given priority in the internal recruitment process. This approach facilitates knowledge transfers across the Group. At the same time, a database is maintained of candidates from outside the LOTOS Group who would like to join it.

Information on the recruitment procedures and current vacancies is available on the Company’s website and intranet site. Applications are selected based on precisely defined criteria described in job advertisements. Each job requires specialist knowledge and skills necessary to perform tasks assigned to a given position. However, there are certain abilities which must be possessed by all employees of the LOTOS Group and which are required from candidates for any position at the Group. These include business awareness, creativity and innovativeness, adaptability, communication skills, and ability to work in a team.

Before a recruitment meeting, candidates receive full information concerning the form of the meeting and advice on how to prepare for the interview.

Remuneration and employee benefits

The Company is an equal opportunity employer, whose diverse workforce reflects its practical ability to foster a strong culture of inclusion in the workplace in terms of sex, gender, education, expertise and age of its employees.

The Company does not have a uniform diversity policy document which would define its diversity objectives or pertinent metrics.

The terms of remuneration offered by Grupa LOTOS S.A. take into account:

In addition to the base pay, consistent with the assigned pay grade, a staff member is entitled to additional remuneration calculated and paid in accordance with the generally applicable labour law, i.e. for overtime and night work.

Employees may receive an individual annual bonus in accordance with the rules laid down in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and a special bonus for outstanding professional achievements. Once a year, a periodic payroll review is undertaken.

At the same time, Grupa LOTOS S.A. takes care of the professional development of its employees, offering individual training plans and providing talent with promotion and career paths.

Benefits available to employees include:

The Company periodically reviews its remuneration system based on pay reports from leading consultancies and Statistics Poland data. In 2019, the Company established a new employee pay grade system. Covering all positions at the Company from senior management to operational roles, it became the basis for validating and developing a new pay scale. Since December 11th 2019, Grupa LOTOS has been bound by an updated Collective Bargaining Agreement covering 100% of Grupa LOTOS employees.

Contracts of employment provide for specific notice periods applicable to individual employees. Notice periods are also defined in the Work Rules, and depend on the length of service, in compliance with the Labour Code. More favourable terms may be negotiated with the employer.

Grupa LOTOS employees can accumulate additional pension savings from employer-funded contributions through a unit-linked group life insurance. The LOTOS Group has had Employee Capital Plans (PPK) in place since 2019.

Pay ratios




annual total compensation ratio[1]



pay equality ratio[2]




The annual total compensation ratio of the LOTOS Group’s highest-paid individual to the median annual total remuneration of all other employees in 2019 was 7.6, down 5.5% year on year, while in 2020 it was 7.37, down 3% year on year.

[1]annual total compensation ratio = ratio of the annual total compensation for the organisation’s highest-paid individual to the median annual total compensation for all other employees

[2] pay equality ratio = percentage difference between average monthly pay (including bonuses, awards and other additional pay components) of women and men for a given period