As a corporate citizen, we are a member of leading organisations set up with the aim of promoting best practice in CSR governance.

Since 2008, we have been a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum, Poland’s first and only non-governmental organisation propagating the concept of corporate social responsibility on a massive scale. The Forum’s mission is to promote the idea of responsible business as a recognised standard to be observed by all Polish entrepreneurs.

In 2009 we joined United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative set up in 2000 by UN Secretary-General. In our business, we are committed to the ten principles of UN Global Compact. The key task of the organisation is to promote a set of principles in such areas as employee rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. As a member of UN Global Compact, we are able to share best practice with  companies and organisations from around the world known for their long-standing commitment to the global promotion of CSR.

Thanks to our membership in CSR organisations, we have gained an excellent forum for sharing ideas and an opportunity to solidify our position as a responsible business and social partner. Moreover, it allows us to share best practice and become involved in a range of initiatives and projects run by those organisations. We are also able to build wider alliances with other firms in search for effective solutions to various social issues.