We conduct our sponsorship activities in line with the sponsorship rules and directions adopted by Grupa LOTOS. We enter into sponsorship-based cooperation mainly in Poland, in those counties and provinces where our offices are located and where the LOTOS Group companies conduct their business. We understand sponsorship as support for a sponsored entity in exchange for the sponsored entity’s efforts aimed to foster a positive image, promote the trade marks and strengthen the reputation of the sponsoring entity.

The key criterion based on which Grupa LOTOS chooses cultural events to support is their social dimension and contribution to promoting a given region in the domestic and international arenas. We support the organisation of local cultural events whose scale and impact extend beyond the region, thus helping to promote the region and the province.

In our activities, we avoid discriminatory and controversial content, which may offend certain social groups or abuse the trust of recipients of our communications, and we avoid inciting negative emotions. These rules complement the effective and unconditionally binding laws and regulations, including: the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the following Polish Acts: the Civil Code, the Act on Combating Unfair Competition, the Press Law Act, the Radio and Television Act, the Act on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights, the Act on Provision of Electronic Services, the Act on Personal Data Protection, the Act on Copyrights and Neighbouring Rights, and the Act on Industrial Property. Grupa LOTOS does not engage in any events which may cause damage to objects or facilities of historical or artistic value, or events which could have an adverse environmental impact.

Grupa LOTOS does not become involved in projects associated with a different brand, political activity, discriminatory practices, initiatives breaching the law or the prevailing social norms, nor in any events thematically corresponding to alcohol, addictions or pathologies.

Grupa LOTOS, as a Global Compact member, applies in its operations the fundamental principles advanced by that organisation, including those related to environmental protection. As regards responsibility for the natural environment, in the area of marketing communications and sponsorship, the Company applies the principles stating that businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and promote greater environmental responsibility. The Company takes every effort to ensure that its operations do not cause environmental damage, while helping to preserve natural resources for future generations. Taking due care for the natural environment is viewed by the Company as one of the pillars of its core business development strategy.

In its marketing communications efforts, Grupa LOTOS adheres to the standards and applies the rules spelled out in voluntary codes of conduct, e.g. those published by entrepreneur organisations. In its sponsorship activities, the Company complies with the standards and rules of ethical conduct developed by the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan.

The Company adheres to the regulations contained in the Culture Sponsorship Code, a joint initiative of the National Centre for Culture, the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In its sponsorship activities, Grupa LOTOS applies the Code’s principles relating to balanced operations, transparency, accessibility and development.

CSR, charity and culture sponsorship activities are managed by the Social & Cultural Affairs Department.
Please direct any requests and inquiries to:
Social & Cultural Affairs Department
ul. Elbląska 135
80-721 Gdańsk