Grupa LOTOS has launched a new prevention and awareness programme focusing on the correct (and therefore safe) fastening of seat belts, as well as optimum selection and fastening of child safety seats. The pilot ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ (‘LOTOS - Mistrzowie w pasach’) programme is currently carried out in the Province of Gdańsk and will last until December 2014. Kajetan Kajetanowicz, the four-time Polish Champion in the general standings of the Polish Rally Championships, has agreed to become the ambassador of the campaign.

In association with the National Road Traffic Safety Centre, we invite 1st–3rd grade elementary school children from the Gdańsk Province to take part in the competition and design a ‘Fasten Your Seat Belt’ road sign!

Entries will be accepted from September 1st to September 19th 2014, and the deadline for sending in road sign designs is October 15th 2014.

Winners will be announced at the special ‘Road Safety Lesson’ event, which will take place on November 28th 2014 at the Gdynia Arena. There will be plenty of highlights, and the number of seats is limited. Both participants and supporters of the competition will have a chance to win attractive and valuable prizes. The programme is run under the auspices of the Head (Voivod) of the Gdańsk Province, the Marshal of the Gdańsk Province, the Gdańsk Province Commissioner of the State Fire Service and Chief of Police, the Gdańsk Province School Superintendent, the Road Transport Institute, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development.

All documents necessary to enter the competition, including the Competition Rules, the Entry Form for the ‘FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT’ road sign design competition, and the Declaration on the transfer of economic copyrights, can be found below.

Fasten Your Seat Belt’ Competition Rules.doc
Schedule 1 Competition Entry Form.docx
Schedule 2 Sample Declaration.doc

Sadly, Poland is still among leaders of the infamous list of countries where road traffic participants are at the highest risk of road accident. Last year, nearly 3.5 thousand road accidents involving children aged up to 14 were reported, resulting in nearly 3.9 thousand casualties (including 90 fatalities). Forty-five percent of those accidents involved children as passengers, of which 72% were children aged up to 6 who accounted for as much as 58% of all under-aged casualties of road accidents. Moreover, findings of research institutes and checks performed by the Police have revealed numerous cases of incorrect fastening of safety belt or of under-aged passengers transported in child safety seats in an inappropriate manner.

The ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ programme is meant to ingrain and strengthen the good habits of correct seat belt fastening, and to remind people just how important it is for their children’s lives to transport them in correctly installed child safety seats. From June to December 2014, experts will inspect seat belts and child safety seats at a series of events organised by Grupa LOTOS and the National Road Traffic Safety Centre.

Remember that fastening your seat belt is not enough – you must do it in a correct manner to stay safe. This is even more important when you travel with children. Therefore, everybody is invited to take part in free-of-charge inspections to check whether your child safety seat is properly installed and safety belts provide protection in the event of a car accident. The ‘LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ initiative is held under the patronage of:

The Gdańsk Province Commissioner of the State Fire Service and Chief of Police, the Head (Voivod) of the Gdańsk Province, as well as the Road Transport Institute and the National Road Safety Council.

Download the safety belt fastening leaflet.

LOTOS Safety Belt Champions’ leaflet

For more than a decade, Grupa LOTOS ran the ‘LOTOS Safety Academy’ (Akademia Bezpieczeństwa LOTOS) programme – an extensive project designed to promote awareness of the rules of safe behaviour on the road, especially among children and young people, thus preventing road accidents involving them. The cornerstone of the Safety Academy was the ‘LOTOS – Safe Journey to School’ (‘LOTOS – Bezpieczna droga do szkoły’) programme. It was a social education initiative, run in association with the Police and road traffic safety experts, designed to give children and the youth thorough knowledge of the rules of safe behaviour on the road. The programme was addressed to primary-school first graders and intended to draw their attention to road safety issues. At the beginning of every school year, the programme offered the young people an opportunity to participate in road traffic safety classes taught by Police officers and road safety instructors. All participants received road safety reflectors and educational packages, including a booklet and a CD, sponsored by Grupa LOTOS. The programme was implemented in regions where Grupa LOTOS runs its business, namely in the Province of Gdańsk, and in districts where LOTOS Terminale and LOTOS Infrastruktura operate.
The programme was first implemented in Jasło in 1998. In the Gdańsk Province, it was run from 2001, and in Czechowice - from 2004. The programme was finally wrapped up in 2013.
Partners of the programme included the Road Traffic Department of the Gdańsk Voivodship Police Headquarters, the Bielsko-Biała City Police Headquarters, and the Jasło Automobile and Motorcycle Association and Road Rescue Team.

Over the past eight years, Grupa LOTOS has distributed a total of 100,000 road safety reflectors and 80,000 educational packages.

For more information about the programme, visit http://www.bezpiecznadroga.lotos.pl