Together with the Ornithology Station of the Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Kuling Waterbird Research Group, and the Association of Sobieszewo Island Lovers, Grupa LOTOS ran the programme ‘Protect the Wildlife of the Sobieszewo Island’ (‘Chronimy Naturę na Wyspie Sobieszewskiej’). The project provided comprehensive initiatives on the Sobieszewo Island, especially in the Mewia Łacha Reserve, with the key goal of preserving the island’s natural riches and pro-environmental education aimed to promote the respect for and understanding of the natural environment.

The programme contributed to building new tourist infrastructure, including an educational trail across the Mewia Łacha Reserve, which minimises the threats to birds inhabiting the area. It also involved information and educational activities targeted at the local residents and tourists visiting the Sobieszewo Island.

The programme featured an educational project ‘The Sobieszewo Island and NATURA 2000 Nature Protection Area. Protection of birds and their habitats’, as part of which students from Gdańsk schools were offered an opportunity to attend free lectures held at the Ornithology Station. The objective was to draw the attention of young people to environmental protection and promote the European NATURA 2000 Network, with a special focus on the role of the protected areas of the Sobieszewo Island in the preservation of global biodiversity. Every year, lectures were attended by around 1400 students from elementary and junior high schools in Gdańsk.