In an industrial plant like the Grupa LOTOS refinery, the environmental management and protection efforts must go beyond simple compliance with relevant standards at chimney outlets, wastewater collectors and site boundaries.

There are certain legal and administrative decisions requiring us to monitor the quality of the environment around the refinery. We measure the air quality outside our premises, the content of pollutants in rivers into which we discharge wastewater and the intensity of noise generated by our facilities. All this is done to ensure compliance with the environmental quality standards. Furthermore, as a business striving to operate responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we often set the bar higher than is required by legal regulations. For instance in 2014, we commissioned a large-area, comprehensive environmental inventory within the refinery premises and in surrounding areas, even though we were under no legal obligation to do so. We also engage in numerous CSR programmes aimed, among other things, to actively protect the biodiversity of areas not directly affected by our activities.