Reporting is an important aspect of the LOTOS Group's corporate social responsibility.

We have made a commitment to provide regular and systematic reports on our CSR performance, with a view to fulfilling our disclosure obligations towards the Group's stakeholders. In doing so we comply with the requirement to ensure the transparency of our activities, which are reported and explained to the public through an open, reliable and widely accessible communication process. In the annually published reports we present the scale of our engagement in CSR initiatives in relation to the organisation's performance, its market position as well as opportunities and threats connected with its business.

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Integrated Annual Report 2016
Integrated Annual Report 2015
Integrated Annual Report 2014
Integrated Annual Report 2013
Integrated Annual Report 2012
Consolidated Annual Report 2011
Consolidated Annual Report 2010
Consolidated Annual Report 2009
CSR Report 2008
CSR Report 2006-2007
Environmental Report 2006