In November 2009, the Warsaw Stock Exchange initiated Poland’s first listing of socially responsible companies, the RESPECT Index. The new index prompted a rise in responsible management of listed companies, and encouraged the development of a socially responsible investment market in Poland.

For Grupa LOTOS, each of the values enshrined by ‘RESPECT’ is reflected in its everyday business practices, and as a constituent of the RESPECT Index, we see them as central to our understanding of social responsibility on the capital market.

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We treat CSR as a primary focus of our management flow and the improvement processes within our organisation.

We take responsibility for our products with the state, other market participants as well as our business partners, customers and employees. In all our actions, we abide by the following CSR values:

  • Transparency understood as compliance with the most exacting environmental standards, commitment to ethical and fair competition, and protection of human rights,
  • Openness defining our attitude towards change, external needs and expectations, and dynamic expansion of our international operations,
  • Innovativeness reflecting our capacity to recognise people’s intellectual capital and skills driving our strength and market prospects,
  • Responsibility understood as having the right attitude towards mankind, the environment, our home country and its international position, as well as anticipating the consequences of our decisions, fulfilling our commitments, and being true to our word.

Respect for the principles of sustainable development is manifest in our commitment to state-of-the art technologies that minimise emissions with new material- and energy-saving processes, ensuring low consumption of electricity, water and non-renewable resources.

We monitor our greenhouse gas emissions throughout the fuel life cycle, with the overriding objective of achieving a 6% reduction in GHG emissions by 2020 through use of energy-efficient methods and techniques. We also constantly monitor our water intake and the quality of the treated wastewater we discharge back to the environment.

The technological solutions we employ allow us to reuse water, giving us water and waste recovery rates of more than 45% and more than 90%, respectively, which confirm the effectiveness of our efforts. We also place an emphasis on raising environmental awareness, and take a number of environmental initiatives focused on developing desirable social attitudes towards environmental protection.


The primary objective of our CSR strategy is to support the Company in achieving the objectives of its business strategy.

To this end, we strive to make optimum use of Grupa LOTOS’ resources and competencies, to produce economic and social values beneficial for both the Company and the wider community.

We believe that by integrating social and business objectives we can maximise the creation of shared value for shareholders, our other stakeholders and society as a whole, as well as identify, prevent and mitigate the possible negative effects of our operations.

Therefore, the aim of our efforts in the social and economic spheres, and in our relationships with key stakeholders and corporate governance, includes increasing our positive contribution to social development and maximising opportunities for our sustainable development in the long run.


In building good, long-lasting relations with our stakeholders, we seek to effectively align our business strategy with the challenges of social, environmental and corporate governance.

When making decisions on economic, social or environmental matters, we consider the interests of stakeholders concerned, including our internal stakeholders as well as the market and society in general. 


We strive to operate and develop our business in all areas in a sustainable manner, with respect for the natural environment.

Being aware of the nature and scale of our impact, we have made a commitment to observe all internationally recognised standards for companies seeking to excel at actively managing their environmental impact.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we declare that in our environmental policy we:

  • support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges,
  • undertake initiatives designed to promote environmental responsibility,
  • encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our environmental policy is focused on clean production, understood as a continuous effort to reduce the consumption of utilities and raw materials, reduce emissions, manage waste efficiently, as well as to ensure the safety of industrial processes for effective prevention of plant failures.


Grupa LOTOS runs its business with due regard for the needs of its neighbours and local populations, as well as the social and environmental challenges arising in the areas of its operations. This approach is manifest in its sense of responsibility for the quality of life in areas adjacent to the Group’s production plants.

For years, we have supported the development of Pomerania and other regions where we operate. We initiate and participate in infrastructural, environmental and cultural projects, as well as education and road traffic safety initiatives. 

We implement sponsorship projects in sports, culture and the social projects, including educational and ecological activities. 


We openly communicate with our stakeholders about the decisions, actions and reasons that guide us in our mutual relations.

Our employees are provided with all the information necessary for them to properly perform their duties. Our employees’ rights and our requirements of them are clearly defined. In 2010, we were the first company on the Polish market to implement an integrated reporting model, presenting our performance across all aspects of our business. As a listed company, Grupa LOTOS has been awarded by the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers, which seeks to increase the transparency of non-financial data reporting in Poland, and has also been awarded in the Best Annual Report competition.

We also ensure the clarity and completeness of information given on our products. Product Sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets have been prepared for all products manufactured by the Group’s companies, and are based on applicable international requirements. They include information on the product’s health and environmental impact, the presence of hazardous ingredients, as well as acceptable waste disposal methods. All our customers can read them to learn about the safe use of LOTOS brand products.