Pro-environmental behaviour is a priority for Grupa LOTOS and all its subsidiaries. The parameters of our entire product mix exceed the effective environmental norms. We are continually expanding the range of environmentally-oriented projects to ensure that production processes are clean and safe.

We were the first in Poland to obtain the Integrated Management System certificate, a testimony to our strong position in the areas of product quality, management procedures, occupational safety and environmental protection.

For years, we have been involved in social initiatives that are consistent with our business profile. The initiatives fall into the following categories:

We firmly believe that the principles of corporate social responsibility provide an effective means of responding to the needs of the immediate environment: increasing chances for social development, promoting sustainable development and environmental protection, ensuring job security, improving satisfaction of customers and business partners and, as a consequence, delivering value for the shareholders. The overriding purpose of our efforts is to build relations with the outside world on these very principles.