The LOTOS Group runs its business with due regard to the needs of local populations, as well as social and environmental challenges arising in the areas influenced by its operations. We feel responsible for the quality of life in the vicinity of our production plants, which is a characteristic feature of Grupa LOTOS approach to social issues.

Making a positive contribution to society is one of the key premises of our CSR strategy. Our activities cover issues falling within the scope of the LOTOS Group’s competencies. And by competencies we mean our organisation’s ability to combine people’s expertise and resources in pursuit of strategic objectives. The awareness of various social and environmental aspects of the LOTOS Group’s operations, as well as its human, technological and organisational resources, are factors determining our competencies, but also materially affecting our decisions as to the purpose and nature of our social involvement.

In line with the CSR strategy of Grupa LOTOS, the Company focuses its efforts on areas which affect a given population, while being in some ways relevant to the Company’s business. Thanks to that community of interests, we have a chance to make a real contribution to social development. We focus our CSR initiatives in the following three key areas: road traffic safety, equal opportunities and environmental protection (with a special focus on the protection of the Baltic Sea).