As part of our charity activities, we support initiatives contributing to the development of infrastructure and bringing benefits to local communities, particularly in the regions of our operations. As we are not able to support everyone who turns to us for help, we have specified the priorities of the Company’s philanthropic policy, on which we focus our activities so that our help is effective and reliable. Our philanthropic efforts are oriented towards several main areas of life: health care and health promotion, science, awareness raising, education, environmental protection and wildlife conservation, safety, culture, and sports. We invest funds in medical equipment for public health-care institutions, equipment necessary to implement environmental projects, as well as teaching resources for schools and centres established to promote sports and physical education.

In line with the adopted directions of our philanthropic activities, we concentrate our efforts on implementing initiatives in the following areas:

Equal opportunities

Grupa LOTOS supports projects addressing social needs and expectations in the regions where it operates. We attach particular importance to initiatives aiming to bridge social gaps among children and young people at risk of social exclusion. Every year, we co-finance summer holidays for children, arrange events marking the Children’s Day and Santa Clause, in the Pomerania region, Jasło and Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Road traffic safety

We are committed to safety-fostering projects, especially those promoting the rules of safe behaviour on the road among children and the youth. We support a number of initiatives in this area in the Gdańsk Province, and in the counties of Bielsko-Biała and Jasło, where other Group companies operate.

Environmental protection

We back initiatives related to environmental protection and wildlife conservation, with a special focus on the protection of natural riches of the Baltic Sea. We provide support for the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdańsk, as well as for infrastructural development and active protection within the Mewia Łacha bird reserve on the Sobieszewo Island. Grupa LOTOS contributed to the founding of the Agency of Regional Air Quality Monitoring in the Gdańsk Agglomeration in 1995, to which it donated two fully-equipped metering stations in Gdańsk, enabling the launch of the regional air monitoring network. Our cooperation with the Agency is long-standing and systemic in nature.

Health care

We co-finance purchases of medical equipment for public health-care institutions, particularly in the area of first medical aid, oncology and cardiology. The equipment purchased with the help of Grupa LOTOS includes specialist diagnostic equipment for the Pomeranian Oncology Centre in Gdynia and medical equipment for the Children’s Cardiology Unit of the Pomeranian Traumatology Centre in Gdańsk. We also co-financed the purchase of an ambulance motorcycle for the Ambulance Station in Gdańsk. We are engaged in science and education development projects. Grupa LOTOS supports higher education providers and research institutes. For instance, it has cooperated for many years with the Gdańsk University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. As part of that cooperation, Grupa LOTOS sponsors scholarships and awards for the best-performing undergraduates and doctoral students, provides work placement opportunities and helps students write their MSc dissertations under the supervision of industry experts.