Having completed the 10+ Programme of the refinery's expansion, which has increased its overall processing capacities, we then focused on upgrading the facilities built before 2008, with the main goal of making them less emission intensive.

A number of projects were undertaken to enhance the energy efficiency of individual units, reduce the consumption of utilities, and reduce fugitive emissions. Each of them was designed and implemented in line with the "best available techniques", ensuring the lowest possible environmental nuisance and maximum energy efficiency during the construction, as well as start-up and operation of both the upgraded and new facilities.

The importance we attach to environmental issues in the LOTOS Group's day-to-day operations and CAPEX processes is evidenced by the regularly incurred expenditure on environmental management and protection, as well as by CAPEX and other projects that have helped us mitigate our adverse impact on the environment. In 2011−2013, our outlays on the Group-wide environmental management and protection were in excess of PLN 126m, and we spent as much as PLN 176m to reduce the environmental footprint of our processes.

For more details on our environment-related expenditure, see the Integrated Annual Report of the LOTOS Group for 2013.